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Work Site Evaluations

Ergonomic Work Site Evaluations are a direct and effective way to address discomfort that you or your employees experience at work. Quite simply, in an ergonomic evaluation we look at you performing your job at your place of work. We identify recognized hazards and especially those hazards that can be connected to the discomfort you are experiencing. Cost effective options to address the ergonomic issues are then provideded to you.

If you are experiencing discomfort at work, whether that discomfort is caused by the job or not, assessing your work practices and your work environment makes a lot of sense. A more comfortable worker is going to be more productive, more content and less likely to need medical attention. You can expect to achieve a faster and more complete recovery when all factors that are contributing to your discomfort are addressed.

The intent of an ergonomic evaluation is to identify the source of the problem and provide cost effective recommendations to address the problem. We place a strong emphasis on providing you with a clear explanation for your discomfort based on sound scientific principles. You will receive a written report with photographs or video footage.


In an attempt to determine the effectiveness of our ergonomic evaluations, Workability sent questionnaires out to office workers whom we had performed a "standard" ergonomic evaluation on between 2013 and 2014. All those surveyed were workers who performed a computer-based job and were reporting muscular pain or discomfort. Based on the feedback received from 68 respondents, 87% reported at least a 40% improvement in their pain or discomfort. These are outstanding results when you consider the costs involved when discomfort becomes an injury requiring medical attention as well as the impact pain has on a person's ability to enjoy life and function at the levels required in a competitive work environment.

Ergonomic Evaluation Survey (2013-2014)

Survey Questions  Results (%)
Made Pain Worse        0
No Change        3
Mild Improvement (10% - 30%)       10
Moderate Improvement (40% - 60%)       22  
Significant Improvement (70% - 90%)       49
Complete Resolution (100%)       16




At Workability we do not receive any financial compensation for referrals to specific vendors. We recommend vendors based on the products they carry, the service they provide and the cost they charge. 


We accept payment directly from the employer or employee as well as private insurance or workers compensation insurance.

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