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Get Your Ergonomic Evaluation


Identify ergonomic risks associated with performing a job in an industrial setting, such as at a production facility, mechanical workshop or construction site. Provide practical and cost effective recommendations that reduce or eliminate any discomfort.


In the industrial setting we are looking at workers performing jobs while on their feet for extended periods, performing forceful or repetitive tasks, adopting a variety of work postures in a variety of work environments. A licensed therapist visits your worksite to identify the presence of any recognized injury hazards. These hazards/risks are rated in terms of their seriousness and connection to reports of discomfort. Recommendations are made to address the problems and educate the worker and their supervisor on ways to remain productive and safe at work.

In the industrial setting, often input from the most experienced employees at the worksite is sought. The addition of the unique knowledge that coworkers have will produce better recommendations and will be easier to integrate into the work culture.

Evaluations are followed by a written report that includes digital photographs or video footage. In instances where new equipment is recommended, the report will specify the item/model numbers, prices and vendor contact information.

In the industrial setting in Vermont, aside from the usual issues of back and shoulder strains we see a workforce that is getting older and a workforce that is getting heavier. These two factors impact the risk of injury and the recovery time needed.

Service Options

  1. Standard Evaluation

    • 1 hour (approx).
    • Use of standardized assessment tools to measure risk. Video analysis is often used.
    • Designed for employees reporting discomfort or who have an injury claim.
    • Assessment includes evaluation of equipment, positioning of equipment and their work practices. In some cases a review of medical reports and the worker’s medical history is included.
    • Provided with appropriate stretches and healthy living advice.
    • Discussion with employee, verbal report to supervisor and written report to employee and supervisor.
    • Follow-up email after 4-6 weeks.

    This evaluation is intended for employee’s who are experiencing work related discomfort as well as those who are being treated for an injury. The service is billed to insurance company if an injury claim has been made.

  2. Audit

    • 15 – 20 minutes.
    • Assess equipment and positioning of equipment.
    • Checklist format. Copies provided to employee and supervisor at the time evaluation.

    This form of evaluation is intended to assess the equipment needs of individual employees.

  3. Organizational Evaluation

    This type of evaluation is designed for large businesses where many workers are performing similar jobs. Cost savings can be achieved by performing evaluations on a limited number of workers and applying the general principles to all workers. Often this translates into better decision making regarding heights and locations of equipment.

  4. Staff Training

    • Group Training: 1 hour training session to train groups of staff on industrial ergonomics. Presentations are most effective when the company’s injury data is included into the presentation. Additionally, the added option of reinforcing general principles taught in the presentation to small groups in their work area can add a lot of value.
    • Trainer Training: 3 hour training for designated ergo trainers/safety staff. This includes 1 hour of theory, 1 hour practice and 1 hour follow-up to observe employee perform an evaluation.

    Trainings focus on both the theory and practice of workstation ergonomics. Understanding the basic principles of ergonomics will enable staff to problem solve for ergonomic issues at their current workstation as well as for changes if they move to a different workstation in the future.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved comfort in performing a job.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Reduced injuries & workers compensation costs.


Scheduling an Assessment

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