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The purpose of an ergonomic program is identify causes of injuries as well as drops in productivity and provide cost effective solutions to address them. 

Step one
Identify the ergonomic risks present at your facility. This is achieved by a) performing a risk assessment, b) surveying employees, and c) reviewing the companies injury history. 

Step two
Develop and implement an ergonomic program that is both cost effective and sustainable.

Step three
Measure outcomes and review key indicators of program success.



Early Intervention Program

This program is designed to keep staff at work by addressing minor aches and pains before they develop into musculoskeletal injuries. Keeping staff at work and out of the medical system is key to controlling health care costs.

The ergonomic specialist will teach staff how to manage discomfort and advice managers on how to address workstation or administrative issues that are contributing to the workers discomfort.

The Early Intervention program is particuarly effective for manufacturing and production work or any jobs that require a significant amount of material handling.

Warm-up Stretching

We can help you design, implement and sustain a program that will prepare your staff for the work tasks they perform. Athletes learnt the benefits of warming up and stretching a long time ago. The same reductions in musculoskeletal injuries can be achieved by your workforce.


Education & Training

Empower your workforce today with the most current information on injury risk reduction and management that is tailored to your industry. Staff will be provided with information that will enable them to prevent and manage the most common sources of musculoskeletal pain at your workplace. 

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