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Get Your Ergonomic Evaluation


Identify ergonomic risks associated with performing a job in an office environment and make practical and cost effective recommendations that reduce or eliminate the risks and any worker discomfort.


A licensed therapist will visit your worksite to identify the presence of injury risks. These risk factors are rated in terms of their seriousness and their connection to discomfort a worker may be experiencing. Recommendations are made to address the problems and education is provided on ways of sustaining a safe and productive work station.

Evaluations include a written report. In instances where new equipment is recommended, the report will specify the item/model numbers, prices and vendor contact information. Product trials are available from many of the vendors we deal with and Workability has a variety of demo equipment available for worker’s to try out before deciding on whether to buy the product or not.

Service Options


Basic Evaluation (15 minutes)

Designed for employers wanting to assess several workers as a preventative measure. The evaluation includes one brief report that covers the ergonomic issues and recommendations for all staff.


Standard Evaluation (20 minutes)

Designed for staff who may be experiencing some mild discomfort. The evaluation includes an individualized report.


Premium Evaluation (45 minutes)

Designed for staff who are experiencing moderate to severe pain. The evaluation includes a private interview to review health history and an individialized report.



Group Training: 30 minute training session to train groups of staff on work station ergonomics.

Trainer Training: 3 hour training for designated ergo trainers/safety staff. This includes 1 hour of theory, 1 hour practice and 1 hour follow-up to observe employee perform an evaluation.

Trainings focus on both the theory and practice of workstation ergonomics. Understanding the basic principles of ergonomics will enable staff to problem solve for ergonomic issues at their current workstation as well as for changes if they move to a different workstation in the future.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved comfort in performing a job.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved decision making regarding equipment purchases.
  • Reduced injuries & workers compensation costs.


Scheduling an Assessment

Phone, fax or email your request for an assessment on our Contact page.