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Get Your Ergonomic Evaluation

In addition to ergonomic workplace assessments, functional capacity evaluations, and Return To Work services, Workability PLC provides a broad range of other professional services:

Injury Risk Analysis

Purpose: Identify work tasks that pose a significant risk of causing a musculoskeletal injury. They can also be used to help determine whether an employee's injury was caused by the job they were performing.

With the use of scientifically reliable and valid ergonomic assessments, specific work tasks are evaluated to identify the level of risk for injury. Variables such as force, distance, height, weight, frequency, posture, vibration and lighting are measured and compared with recognized industry standards. The information is then used to make changes to a job so as to reduce the risk of injury.

Injury Prevention Training

Purpose: To reduce ergonomic injuries and improve management of injured workers through education. Employees are taught safe work practices and how they can take responsibility for their own health, while management are taught how they can help create a work environment that is both productive and healthy.

Presentations are provided to staff, supervisors and management on a variety of injury prevention topics and in a variety of formats. The information provided will include current scientific evidence and examples of how this information can be applied to your business in a cost effective and practical way.

         Format               Description  Duration
Lunch & Learn Informal presentation 30 minutes
Group Presentation Power Point presentation 1-2 hours
Shop Floor Training Hands-on presentation 1-2 hours
Train the Trainer Supervisor training up to 2 days



Early Intervention & Prevention

Purpose: The purpose of the program is to keep workers out of the doctors office. We achieve this by addressing mild strains and discomfort before they develop into full blown injuries. 

The occupational therapist will come to your work place at a set time and on a set schedule. Staff who are experiencing minor aches or pains are encouraged to mention these to the therapist. The therapist will provide advise on self management (i.e. ice, stretches etc) and possibly provide massage to the affected area. The therapist will then look at ergonomic factors that could have contributed to the strain i.e. work technique, equipment etc. Additionally, while the therpaist is at your facility they will help the company develop programs and protocols to prevent injuries (i.e. stretch programs) and better manage injuries when they ocurr (i.e. a return to work program).

Health & Fitness Challenge

Purpose: The Health & Fitness Challenge can be run as a competition between teams of co-workers or individuals looking to improve their health and fitness. The premise of the challenge is that a fitter and healthier workforce will result in fewer work injuries. Through the use of a unique scoring system the competition encourages those who do not normally exercise, to participate. By creating an environment that encourages exercise and friendly competition we are able to provide an injury prevention program that captures the imagination of the staff, generates enthusiasm and is able to be sustained through the whole year.

Onsite Physical Therapy

Purpose: To reduce the amount of time lost when injured employees leave work to attend physical therapy appointments. Having a therapist onsite could save your business 3-4 hours of productive time per injured employee per week. An added benefit is realized when the therapist, through a better understanding of the work done at your facility, is able to develop exercise programs for injured employees that are more job specific.

Workability has partnered with Momentum Physical Therapy of Burlington to provide physical therapy services for your company. A licensed physical therapist will come to your facility on a regular basis for a pre-determined length of time. Injured workers who need physical therapy will sign up and receive regular treatments.

Job Descriptions

Purpose: To provide an accurate record of the physical demands and requirements of a specific job.

While many job descriptions do a very good job in describing what duties an employee needs to perform in order to do their job, very few describe the physical requirements involved. This information is very important when trying to determine if and when an injured worker is ready or able to come back to work or when recruiting new staff and educating potentail new employees as to the physical demands of the job that they are applying.

Fit For Duty Testing

Purpose: To provide decision makers with clear and objective information as to whether an injured employee is ready and able to return to work.

Post Offer Pre-Employment Screens

Purpose: To improve the safety and productivity in the workforce through ensuring a good match between the physical demands of the work and the physical abilities of the workforce. Research has shown that injury rates can be reduced when work applicants are selected based on their ability to demonstrate they have the physical capccity to perform the job.